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WHERE do you take your diving certification from here?

Event Date: April 11th - 11th 2020

April 11, 2020 NOON
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Have you thought about taking your diving to the NEXT Level? We have invited our Master Instructor to come and answer any questions you might have about what is the next step in diving.
Are you an Open Water Diver and looking to increase your skills to Advanced Open Water Diver, or want to increase skills in a particular specialty? Are you an Advanced Open Water Diver and wonder what a Rescue Certification is all about? Have you wondered what the elite level of recreational diving is and how to achieve Master Scuba Diver rating? Have you thought of GOING PRO with PADI? Are you looking for a passport to an exciting lifestyle of great diving, travelling, meeting new people, and best of all, working in a job you can really love? This meeting is for informational purpose only. OPEN TO ALL! Come and see what we can do for you to help you reach your diving goals!