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Local Diving

Central Oregon Diving, LLC is in the process of organizing more LOCAL diving in the Pacific Northwest Region.  Trips can include local lake dives, coast day trips or weekend coast trips.  Like us on Facebook for the most current information.

We have several LOCAL Coast trips to keep you diving, and to work on your Advanced Open Water Courses and Specialty Courses!  Get out there and DIVE!  Contact us for a list of the current dates we have scheduled.  Locations included Port Orford, Newport, Hood Canal, and Florence.

Join us on Facebook at Central Oregon Diving Buddy List and request to be a part of our diving buddy list.

Event Date: July 29th - 29th 2017


river clean up


In partnership with the Upper Deschutes Watershed Council, we will be doing our annual river clean up again on July 29th. This is their 21th year of helping to keep our waterways clean! Pre registration is required and attending a meeting about the event will be scheduled. Come in and sign up and receive more details in coming weeks. THIS is a FREE event that we do with the community, and as always AIR is free!

Join us for our Annual River Clean up with the Upper Deschutes Watershed Council.  Volunteers needed for this day include: Divers, canoe/kayak/paddleboards, walkers (spotters), and families who want to clean up the riverbanks of weeds and debris.  We collected so much debris last year we want to be able to clean up more this year, but need your help!  In that small stretch of water we play in, there has been a growing concern that regular sunscreen that people use has had an effect on fish and plant life.  Remember to apply biodegradable products to not contaminate the water.  Also secure your belongings when relaxing on the water so they don't need to be cleaned up  :) 
Come in to sign up to dive, paddle, or walk and help us keep our waterways clean! 
This is a 2 tank dive to maximize the debris recovered.  FREE AIR for this event and you must sign up before at the dive shop.  
 Protect the water you play in!

We would love to have volunteers help with the weeds, picking up trash and helping us keep our divers safe while they are in the water by walking the riverbanks. This can either be a 1 tank or a 2 tank dive to clean up the whole area.  We are looking at spliting our group into 2 groups to maximize the clean up.  We will be doing some areas that havent been done in years past, so WE will be cleaning a much bigger area of the river!  

Contact us to sign up or email us and we can send you the forms.

REMEMBER if you are going to be on the water helping you need to follow the Oregon Marine Laws for boater safety and required equipment is a life jacket and noise making device.  Optional equipment is to have a throwable device.  We wouldn't want anyone to get ticketed!



DIVERS meet at 8am at Riverbend Park, Boaters by 830am  EVENT starts at 9:00.

PREREGISTER with Upper Deschutes Watershed Council if volunteering.  Divers need to sign form at the dive shop only!