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Altitude Specialty Course June 11th at Cultus Lake

Do you want to learn to dive at elevations over 1000 Feet?  Every dive here in Central Oregon is an Altitude Dive!  This is a great course to learn about theoretical depths and theoretical decompression stops.  Know how to dive at Altitude safely and be able to plan your dive and dive your plan.  This is a SPECIAL pricing for this class.  Full cost of specialty is $175.  If you don't own your own equipment rental cost is $30 for the day.  DO you have an Altitude Adventure dive and need to complete the course?  Cost to complete is $125.  You must register and sign up and get the course materials.  Space is limited!

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kelp forest

Have you been out of the water for more than 6 months and need to refresh your skills in the pool before you travel this summer.  We are doing a few hour scuba review to go over your skills in the pool.  Come in to sign up for this class.  You need to have the scuba tune up book, if you already own one - no need to purchase again.  Class cost is $99 and if you need the book it is $24.95.  If you need to rent equipment we offer a discounted rate for this course of $30.  Get your skills refreshed before you travel and be a confident diver.  Don't waste time on your vacation get this done here first, so you can enjoy your time on vacation diving!

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PLEASE remember that this is an “INDEPENDENT STUDY” class. YOU MUST have completed all of the 5 chapters in the manual, all of the Knowledge Reviews, ERDPML, and have watched the training DVD-- BEFORE coming to the FIRST class meeting. YOU MUST BE ON TIME TO ALL SESSIONS!


Wednesday – June 1– 5:30 PM to 10:00PM meet at Central Oregon Diving shop for Academics Chapters 1 – 5 and Final Exam and ERDPML tests

Saturday – June 3– 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM meet at Central Oregon Diving and then to pool JSFC 12:30-5:30

Sunday – June 4 – 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM meet at Central Oregon Diving and then to pool JSFC 10:30-5:30

Wednesday – June 8 – 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM Academic Make up AS NEEDED

Saturday – June 10– 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Open Water dive training at local lake (WEATHER dependent)

Sunday – June 11 – 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Open Water dive training at local lake (WEATHER dependent)

The course price includes all of your scuba rental equipment for both confined water and open water training. Required PERSONAL items for this class are: Dive Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Booties, and a log book. We have SPECIAL student discounted packages that are available to you at a discount. You might also consider purchasing a mouthpiece for your training regulator. As a dive student you will receive a 10% off on NON- MSRP items for 90 days after your dive training. (Please beware of equipment bargains and online purchases!)

This course can also be taken as a REFERRAL course if you have a trip planned to WARMER weather in the next year! Great option as most that are taking course are doing referrals. Fun class for families to take!

Come into the dive shop to register for this class and receive your materials. We take a $200 deposit to secure your spot. SPACE IS LIMITED!

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river clean up


In partnership with the Upper Deschutes Watershed Council, we will be doing our annual river clean up again on July 29th. This is their 21th year of helping to keep our waterways clean! Pre registration is required and attending a meeting about the event will be scheduled. Come in and sign up and receive more details in coming weeks. THIS is a FREE event that we do with the community, and as always AIR is free! We would love to have volunteers help with the weeds, picking up trash and helping us keep our divers safe while they are in the water by walking the riverbanks. This can either be a 1 tank or a 2 tank dive to clean up the whole area from Bill Healy Bridge to the Colorado Bridge. 

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Have you wanted to go out an explore in our own backyard but don't know where to go?  We will be doing several special local trips this summer to introduce you to different dive areas and new divers!  Check back as we get closer for exact dates for each event!

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Join us for PADI Women's Dive Day 2017! We will meet at shop and go to Cultus and participate with women diving ALL over the world. Pre-registration is required and this event is FREE! Rental is HALF PRICE for women on this day!!  We are also doing a Specialty Dive for PADI Dive Against Debris, where we will be cleaning up the dive area, and recording and weighing the garbage we take out of the lake.  We will offer this Specialty at a HUGE discount for this event.  COST is ONLY $35 and pre-registration is required, so that you can have the materials for this.  ALL are welcome to participate in this event!  MEN can participate in the dive also with regular rental rates, and still the discounted rate for the Specialty!  

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